Welcome to Rodney Surgical

Rodney Surgical is a modern, day-stay surgery facility offering world class surgical care with the added benefit of being located in Warkworth. You can refer your patients with confidence knowing they will receive expert care from our leading team of specialists – working with the very latest technology. Better yet, your patients won’t have to travel into a busy, unfamiliar environment. We have a state of the art facility with plenty of free parking and easy access right in here in the Rodney region. What Day Stay surgery do we offer?

Your patient is in good hands

The team of specialists who work out of Rodney Surgical Centre are all experts in their chosen fields and can undertake almost any common day-stay operation and procedure you require for your patient.
You can arrange a referral via our Referrer’s Assistant, you simply give us a call on 0800 425 007

The Referrers Assistant

It’s a one-stop service, provided free to GPs.

Rodney Surgical’s Referrers Assistant service matches the best surgeon to meet your patients requirements for their surgical or endoscopy needs.

As a GP you have two options,

  • send a generic referral to Rodney Surgical and we will use the BestMatch process as outlined below or
  • nominate your preferred specialist and we will manage this referral.

We use the BestMatch principle to streamline the GPs role in the referral process. Rodney Surgical will ensure your patient will have the right specialist, in the appropriate location in a timely manner. Rodney Surgical liaises with all specialists providing services in the Auckland and Northland regions.

How to refer a patient?

Choose one of these options:

  1. Use Careselect in the online Healthlink portal using ‘The Referrer’s Assistant’ search term. Click here to access Healthlink.
  2. EDI (Electionic Data Intechange) to ‘rodneysc’’ via the healthlink portal.
  3. Fax your referral to 09 425 0115 or email to referrals@rodneysurgicalcentre.co.nz.

How does the BestMatch process work?

  1. Refer your patient (as above).
  2. Once we have received your referral, Rodney Surgical will liaise with your patient to find a consultation appointment.
  3. Rodney Surgical will notify you their consultation time, place and specialist.

Benefits of using the Referrer’s Assistant:

  • All referrals are managed by healthcare professionals – confidentiality is a priority.
  • If the specialist is unavailable we will source an alternative and correspond with you and the patient directly.
  • It is an efficient use of a GP’s time as it avoids patients coming back to you when they cannot get an appointment.
  • We work with your patient to find the most convenient solution for them providing tailored customer service.

Supporting GPs with Continuing Medical Education

With a continued commitment to support GPs, Rodney Surgical holds regular presentations on the latest treatments and procedures.

Our presentations are held at Rodney Surgical Centre and promise to be relevant and informative. Our CME presentations can also contribute towards your MOPS Points.

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