The surgeon asked if I wanted to have surgery in Warkworth or Auckland. The answer was easy.

When I needed cataract surgery, I didn’t want the hassle of driving to Auckland so Rodney Surgical was a simple and obvious choice. It’s a pleasant environment with efficient and professional staff. Going local meant no parking issues, no traffic woes and a stress-free visit. All that and my vision is fantastic now!

My advice is to ask your GP if you can have it done locally. Or ring Rodney Surgical direct.

Sue Monk • Takatu resident

I had the choice of three private facilities for my endoscopy but I chose to have it done in Warkworth

As a Registered Nurse, I felt there was nowhere better to go for my procedure than Rodney Surgical. I was treated professionally and respectfully, and had a good outcome. Rodney Surgical is a great facility offering numerous surgical procedures, right here in the heart of Warkworth.

My advice is to ask your GP if you can have it done locally.

Sharleen Voss • Waipu Cove resident

I just had my cataracts fixed and it was such a relief to be able to do it here in Warkworth

The staff at Rodney Surgical were so lovely and so professional that the whole process was quick and easy. The specialists are Auckland’s best and they come to us in Warkworth. I avoided the cost, hassle and effort of driving to the city while receiving top class care.

My advice is to ask your GP if you can have it done locally.

Wes Hopgood • Warkworth resident

Located in Warkworth, the only Private Surgical Facility between the North Shore and Whangarei