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A “First” for New Zealand

17 January 2014

The Rodney Surgical Centre is very excited to be the first centre in NZ to provide a new minimally invasive day stay procedure for breast reconstruction post mastectomy.

The procedure entails liposuction of unwanted fat usually from the hip, abdomen and flanks. The fat cells are then carefully treated and prepared for injection back into the breast region to create a new breast. The end result is a natural looking and feeling breast without the need for a large invasive surgical procedure.

Prior to this new technique large volume fat grafts weren't possible because much of the grafted fat wouldn't "take" due to poor blood supply. However, the recent breakthrough pioneered at the Miami Breast Centre allows for successful grafting of large volumes of fat cells.

The major factor in the success of this breakthrough is the use of an external suction tissue expander which provides a framework of well vascularised connective tissue to graft the fat cells to. This now means breast reconstructions can be done as a day stay procedure avoiding the need for longer procedures. For further details of this new procedure go to the "Breast@RSC" tab.